All about me

My full name is 'Izaak Adam Connor', I was born in colchester - a medium sized town in south east england - on the 10th of December 1989.

My first primary school, I remember hating, it was about 3 miles from the only house I've lived in. It was 'Church of England' school, which meant everyday there were hymns to be sung. I was an atheist even then. Even as a four year old I couldn't bring myself to believe these silly stories they were telling me.

My mother was raised a Jehovah's witness, she was raised to believe the bible word for word and totally literally. She grew up thinking everyone was going to die, and that only 144000 people would go to god's kingdom. She went door to door trying to convince people of these opinions. When she was old enough to think for herself she left. Apparently she was excommunicated for smoking (she never smoked hehe).

My dad has always been an agnostic, which no, doesn't mean he can't make up his mind about christianity; simply that he can believe things that can't be explained yet. Nothing silly, but he's convinced he's seen UFO's hehe.

After about 2 years at St John's Primary school they decided I was insane (obsessions and compulsions), my parents only put up with this for a few months. I moved school to Myland Primary school, the head teacher there decided that my alleged madness was 'nonsense'. Schools would get special funding if they had enough retards or mental cases. Mr Young (my new head teacher) was an exemplary headmaster.

I ended up doing quite well in primary school, I got level 5's in english, maths and science. Which is the best you can get at that age without taking 'special' tests. My parents advised against trying to get into the grammar school, my dad's brother went and had a horrible time of it. Instead I tried to get into the Phillip Morant Secondary school, luckily (as it happens) no one that year was offered a place (out of catchment that is).

From year 4 onwards I had 2 friends: Chris Allen and Jamie O'Mera. We had a lot of fun together.

Chris went to the Grammer school and we eventually drifted apart, it took a very long time, I still considered him my best friend until well into year 10, after a while I realised I hadn't seen him in months.

Jamie came with me to the Gilberd. Did drifted apart much faster, he joined a new crowd. I'm not interested in sports, and he was much more comfortable with the friends he made.

I was very geeky for most of the gilberd.

I got 100% on the intelligence test for the Phillip Morant. At the time I was annoyed I didn't get in, but they had a change of Headmaster, who single handedly ruined the school. Instead I went to the Gilberd, I progressed well. In year nine I got the 'Best in School' award for the junior maths challenge, and at the end of the year I got the award for 'Overall Best Performance Through Out The Academic year'.

My friends at this point are: Joel Corcos and Rhys Griffiths (I'll have to ask on that spelling =P).

Perhaps this ego boost was too much for my lil' mind to cope with, I guess I got too arrogant. I didn't assert myself at all for the last 2 years of secondary school, I ended up getting a B average at GCSE, predicted all A*'s. I'm very lazy, and always have been. I still got an A in maths, but that was still a bit pathetic - maths is the only subject I still maintain I have some talent in.

In the summer holiday between year 9 and 10 I decided I liked a girl. This girl is 'Hannah Louise Thompson', I eventually asked her out in august. She's a tiny little girl - 4'11" style tiny. Blonde (apparently - you can decide for yourself if you can find a picture) and very cute. We're still going out today.

Currently I'm at the Colchester Sixth Form College, it's basically really quite average, there wasn't much of a change from secondary school to college, apart from more challenging subjects. For my first year I've taken AS: Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Further Mathematics.

Yes I am still deluding myself about my 'maths talent'. I have some, but further maths gets very complicated. My latest report shows:

  • AS Mathematics:
  • AS Physics:
  • AS Biology:
  • AS Chemistry:
  • AS Further Mathematics:

Not exactly excellent =P, but acceptable - that's what I've been about for a while now.

Joel and I are still great friends, we're both taking chemistry so we're pretty much the same. Rhys and I are still very good friends too, but we don't see quite so much of each other at the moment. When we're together however it's exactly the same as before, so no loss there.

Me and my dad are great friends, we watch tv together most nights. Me and my mum get along really well too, an interest in growing stuff is what we share. I'm getting a greenhouse this year so that'll be fun.

My dad runs a successful website:

The company is Renegade Publishing Ltd. of which my girlfriend is now an employee. At the moment she just does monkey work, i.e. data entry. But it's worth the boring work for the extra pocket money. I do some of this too hehe.