Thing's I'm Proud Of

For my GCSE English language coursework we were set the task of writing something completely original. I came up with this... It was the only thing that got me my B in english language, I think it itself got an A, but the rest of my work was so lazy and the test reflected my lazyness too hehe. B's are cool tho =D. It's a short story based on a story dad told me about when he was little.

My dad and his brother could telepathise. Very well apparently, i.e. 3 digit numbers most of the time correct. 1 in 999, pretty impressive. His dad (my granddad) could also do this, apparently he could go into a pub ask everyone to colaborate and picture a card on the celing of the pub. He would leave the room, come back, look at the celing, think for a moment and get the card right most of the time. 1 in 52 odds.

My sexy darling girlfriend...